Cool Timeline for Classic Editor

Jan 01

01.2034 - Great Seal of the United States of America
Great Seal of the United States

The Corporate Expansion Act of 2033  established a legal framework that allowed for the creation of megaCORP(s).  The same act also formed the legal foundation which allowed for the existence of megaCORP(s) and their membership.  Additional sections of the act designated Commercial Zone(s) to delineate physical boundaries for each megaCORP(s)’s territories.  Many other countries followed suit, creating similar infrastructure using the US law as a template.

Sep 13

09.2025 - Hurricane Kathleen in the Pacific Ocean, southwest of the Baja Peninsula, Mexico, approaching the Imperial Valley and Salton Sea on September, 9, 1976.
Hurricane Kathleen – 09.09.1976

One of two unprecedented storm systems, Hurricane Suroc and Tropical Storm Zender, surged across the Baja Peninsula, Mexico into the Imperial Valley, CA, USA and onto the southern Central Valley of southern California early September, 2025.  Two storms of similar magnitude, Hurricane Kathleen and Doreen, occurred in the same month almost half century earlier.

In addition to the considerable damage in many parts of southern California, the combined storms served to raise the level of the Salton Sea to it’s highest level since its creation in the early 1900s.